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Next: Amazing Words

Incredible tales about the history of our language. From Ye Olde English to the origin of Maverick and 'On Cloud 9'.

Good news from Planet Earth

Feeling worried about climate change? These stories will fill you with hope and enthusiasm about the future.

Unexpected Bodies

Almost unbelievable facts about the universes most complicated machine: your body!

BrainBop is a media for curious kids.

We publish regular opportunities for young people aged 7-11 to develop their art, writing and performance skills.

We release quarterly magazine editions, an email newsletter and publish interesting explainer videos on social media. 

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Our whole family are so excited when BrainBop arrives. The stories are genuinely interesting, it’s beautifully illustrated, and we all learn loads. My kids have loved submitting their art and writing. It’s really helped them build up their confidence, and seeing it in a finished video was magical. 

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